10 Methods to Find the Best Freelance Writing Jobs

Every day, thousands join freelancing communities around the world, and their major interest is to learn ways of making money online. But, as you may have realized by now, freelance isn’t for the faint of heart. There are highs and lows, and circumventing challenges can throw one’s hopes disarray. Often, questions such as the following come to mind:

  • Where do you find well-paying gigs/clients/jobs?
  • How do you set freelance rates?
  • What types of jobs are available for those who would wish to work from home?
  • Can you depend on freelance writing jobs to pay bills, save, invest, go holiday and pay for a vocational course?

The truth is that in the economic sense, freelancers have become indispensable In U.S.A alone, more than 54 million Americans work online or from home. From ghost blogging, content creation, curation, social media marketing, transcribing, email assistants to graphic designers and programmers, there are lots of specialities from which to choose a suitable gig.


Now, with the above information at your fingertips, the following methods will help you find the best freelance jobs:

10 Methods to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Use friends and family to find jobs

By letting everyone know that you do freelance jobs for a living, they will always alert you about gigs. Whether it is a colleague at work looking for a web designer or a company in need of a content creator for its website, friends and family are indispensable connections in the freelance enterprise.

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Market your skills with a professional website

With WordPress, you can create a professional website targeting clients looking for freelancers. It is a method that works best if you want to promote and brand self. Soon enough, high paying gigs would find you.

Do guest posts for free

Being noticed is a vital step going forward in the world of freelancing. Whether it is writing an article on technology or any other niche, guest posts help build a strong and desirable online portfolio. It won’t be long before a client notices your skills then asks for a quote.

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Your network is your net worth

Like mainstream employment, freelancers, including those who are just starting out need to network. It not only exposes you to potential clients but also connects to you like-minded people.

Ask people to hire you

With the age of social media, it is easy to get people asking questions. If you are a freelance graphic design, for example, asking people to hire you via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is another method of finding gigs.

Go physically to companies and ask for a gig

Whether you are a freelance journalist of a blogger, visiting premises of a publishing company to ask for a gig may sound freaky but it pays big time. It is a lucrative method that, however, takes time.

Join social media freelance communities

There are hundreds of social media pages exclusive to freelancers. The most important thing is, therefore, joining the right one. A group for writers, for example, will soon give you leads to potential clients after several weeks of networking.

Pitch to websites

Websites that pay writers may have enough content creators, but you never know when luck comes knocking at your door. Thus, another way of landing freelance gigs is cold pitching directly on websites that pay writers.  Someone may just contact immediately.

Custom writing agency

Content agencies are everywhere, and a quick online search will pull up plentiful options. The good news is that they pay better, offer training to writers and are very supportive.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching, which is contacting companies, businesses and bloggers is another method that works when it comes to finding freelance writing gigs. Just let them know who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

The Bottom Line

Writing for a living is the reason why websites like WriteZillas exist. Now, with the methods for finding gigs explored in this post, including scouring for opportunities on job boards such as ProBlogger, it is time to start earning a decent income working from home.