Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular 2022

Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular 2022. This year General police 6,800 Number of Male and 2,880 Number of Female Candidates will be taken by this circular. Join Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular and build your dream career. Now  Police Constable Jobs Circular published Offical website. Dear Visitor you know  Every year we published the police constable jobs circular on this page.

I hope this great news we have given firstly other websites. Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular you can jpg and pdf both format image here. So if you want to get this information you can visit our website regularly. Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular first published a Jpg image on their official website. Same time we have given this job circular here. Korean Lottery for Bangladesh Can be applied here.

Police Constable Jobs Circular 2022 Published Date

Every year Bangladesh Police publish Constable Job Circular Publish before the month of March. Bangladeshi citizen males and females both attend this circular. A police job is a challenging job for any other job. Who wants to join this Challenging job can apply for a circular. Police Jobs Circular published will be published Soon.

Educational qualifications: SSC or equivalent degree.

Gender, Quota, Age & Height wise Qualifications: Gender, Quota, Age & Height wise Qualifications is given below:-

Male Age 16:43:28& Height
General Age: 18-20 years old Height: 5’6’’ (Five feet six-inch)
Freedom Fighter Quota Age: 18-32 years old Height: 5’4’’ (Five feet four-inch)
Tribal Quota Age: 18-20 years old Height: 5’4’’ (Five feet four-inch)
Female Age & Height

General Age: 18-20 years old Height: 5’2’’ (Five feet two-inch)
Freedom fighter Age: 19-32 years old Height: 5’2’’ (Five feet two-inch)

Examination: Subjects determined by Bangladesh Police. The total number of written exams -40 and the total number of viva voce exam was -20

Training: Basic training for 06 (six) months.

Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular

Written Exam Result will be given here. You can download your Written exam result here. When will be published written exam result? Same time you can download your exam result from her. We are given an all-district was written and viva exam result. So if you want to first your written exam result visit our website regularly.

When Will be Publish Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular

This is the common question of all. Last year Police constable jobs circular was published Month of May. This year’s 2021 police jobs circular will be published after the month of May. When will be published this exam result same time we will be given this circular notice by this page. So if you want to download this police constable job circular same time you can download this notice by this post. So visit this page regularly and get more job news from this page.

We also will be published all police jobs circulars on this website. Recently we published the Bangladesh police SI Jobs circular 2021 first time on our website. Now we published this job exam result and Viva Result and more. So if you want to download this circular you can visit our website.

Bangladesh Jaill Police Job Circular

We also will be published Bangladesh police Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Sub-Inspector, has Sergeant, Constable All jobs circular will be published and Recently Bangladesh police have been published some official position posts has been published this circular. As a result of we given this circular you. So if you want to interest in this vacancy you can apply to our website. all information is given below.

Sub Inspector Jobs circular

Police Sergeant Jobs Circular 

How can you apply to Bangladesh Police Jobs Circular? This job circular will be applied offline. We are given a download link for the form of this job. Then you can download this. After download fills up all information and sends it to their address.Bangladesh Police Constable Job  Publish Now

Bangladesh police published Recently job position is Reporter, Sat- Lepikar, Cum-Computer, Assistant Librarian, Assistant Officer Cum – Computer. We will be uploading all information published on the Bangladesh Police official website.

Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs 2022

Bangladesh Police Jobs Circular. Bangladesh’s government now published a police jobs circular. Many people have a dream to join the Bangladesh police. So now this time fulfill your dream. There are more than 10 thousand o the new post that will be published in this circular 1500 female constables and 8500 Mail constables will be starting primary Selection and it will continue in August (Probability Publish Time and date). The written test will start in July And the viva will be held in July.

Bangladesh Police Jobs circular 2022

Bangladesh Police Constable Circular published Now. When will be published Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs any updated information at the same time we were given by this post. then we are given this job circular here. Next year Police Constable job circular was published in January. I hope all process this year this job will be published after August. When Police Offical gave Update information on Police recruitment at the same time we have given this notice image here.



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  1. police constable job circular kobe dibe…?

  2. I want to be a police constable. Naw how can I join dis circular.

    1. না হবার সম্ভাবনা ৭০%

    2. Brother is laughing at why you can go to the top of the constable Inshallah

  3. police job circuler kabay dibay????

  4. Sir
    I Want To Need A Badly Job.
    Because my financial store has been very low.
    And I think Iam Perfect for your job. And I will try to my best and work hard to your company.
    There is my education qualification

    SSC/O level

    I therefore pray and hope that you should be kind enough to consider my case and grant me to your company for a job

    1. We just publish চাকরির খবর পত্রিকার ইমেজ দয়াকরে আপনি চাকরির খবর পত্রিকার অফিসে যোগাযোগ করুন…

  5. circular ta kobe dibe vai????

  6. Ei year e ki police constable job circular hbe na..?

    1. 100% hoba

  7. Vi,2019 police constable Kobe nebe,onno bocor January ba February te hoto,a bocor late keno

  8. Constable Kobe neba,sob bocor January February te hoy,a bocor late keno

  9. পুলিশের নিয়োগ দিব কবে। যানেন

  10. ভাই মার্চ মাসে কি লোক নিয়োগ দিব।

  11. পুলিশের নিয়োগ অাসলে আপনাদের পেইজে ছাড়বেন।

  12. পুলিশের নিয়োগ আসলে আপনাদের পেইজে দিবেন। িপ্লজ

  13. েপইজে দিবেন।

    1. Conostebol er circular 2019 e hocce na… CZ hadcuatar er kormider just kothar Thik nei… Already 2/3 bar Hilite Innigebol circular dice…?

  14. Vai circular ta kon mase hote pare kindly joti bolten.?

  15. Sir kobe Police constable Circular published hobe please bolbn

  16. Sanathoi Singha Onol

    G ha sir police constable job er circular Kobe published hobe? Ar hoy toh kivabe apply korbo please bolen???

  17. I want to be a police constable. Now how can I join this circular.

    1. when will be published police job circular 2019. Same time we gave this circular here.

    2. কন্সটেবল নিউগ আসলে আসা করি আপ্নাদের পেইজ এ পাব

  18. সম্ভাব্য তারিখ কত হবে

  19. vai police constable job er circular Kobe published
    hobe? Ar hoy toh kivabe apply korbo please bolen???

  20. পুলিশ কনেস্টেবল ২০১৯ এ কি নিয়োগ কবে দিব।

  21. পুলিশ কনেস্টেবল নিয়োগ বিঙ্গপ্তি হবে কবে।

  22. আর কত অপেক্ষায় থাকব,এবার কি নিয়োগ হবে না নাকি?


  23. sir police contable circular kobe dibo??

  24. বাংলাদেশ পুলিশ কনস্টেবল নিয়োগটা কবে হবে?
    আর শুন্তেছি মার্চে হবে ৬/৯ এর মধ্যে এটা কি শিওর?

  25. circular ta kobe dibe

  26. 8500 male Nibe ja atar carcular kobe carbe
    plz janaben

  27. brother Bangladesh police constable circular kon munth a dibe..


  28. kobe hobe police job circular r ei year e ki hone circular

  29. 1 month dora dkce published soon bt koba tu bollm to vai….

  30. Police nioug kobe dibe

  31. আমার বয়স 19 বছর 5 মাস। আর্মিতে আবেদন করতে গিয়ে হয়নি। পুলিশে কি আবেদন করতে পারবো??

  32. published korben kobe????

  33. পুলিশে সার্কুলার আসব কবে যানেন।

  34. amar age 20 running ami ki apply korta parbo????

  35. এ বছর নাকি ১৮-২২ বছর এর বরস সীমা থাকছে।যদি জেনে থাকেন আমাকে জানান প্লীজ


    পুলিশ কনস্টেবল নিয়োগ ২০১৯ কবে দেবে নিয়োগ

  37. 2019 a ki circular published hoba??

  38. কোন মাসে নিয়োগ দিবে কারও জানা আছে কি

  39. I want to be a police constable. Now how can I join this circular.

  40. Kobe ditece circular ta?

  41. Ei year ke police er circular debana?

  42. Asole 2019 saler cercular kon mase?Kon tariq a apnara ki keu janen?

  43. ইয়াজুল হক

    আমি কি ভাবে টিকেট সংগ্রহ কর?

  44. Which of the police constable circular

  45. ঢাকা রেঞ্জ এ কি connstable পদে নিয়োগ দেওয়া হবে

  46. kobe dibe 10000 constable circular

  47. Bai koby neok daba Contabol bay plice bolban

  48. Nazmul Hasan Emon

    ভাই এই বছর নাকি, ১৮-২২ বছর বয়স সীমা থাকছে,,একটু জানান”

    1. এমন কোন সঠিক নিউজ নাই … নিয়োগ আগের মত ই হবে

  49. vai ami married person,but amr age 21,ami ki police constable-e exam dite parbo….

  50. police constabol circular kobe hobe plz janaben

  51. Bangladesh police constable circular 2019–Koby dibe bolben ki please?

  52. R kotho din lagba circular hoita??? Please information neya apnader website out koren….???

  53. Md Azizul Islam Masum

    vai amr baios 03-04-2019 20year full hoba

  54. vai police a niog kobe sarbe pls janaben

  55. hsc examer por circular hobe aure

  56. Costable niyok diba kobe

  57. Aj circular dear kotha suncilm dlo na kn? Blben aktu plz

    1. আমারা কি কখনো বলেছি আজ বিজ্ঞাপন দিবে। ? তাহলে প্রস্ন এর কি উত্তর দিব। যেখানে শুনেছেন তারাই ভাল বলতে পারবে……।

  58. vi ar kato din lakbe police circular dite bolben please..

  59. Vi..polic constable circular 2019 kobe dibe… Bolte parban….?

    1. সঠীক তারিখ কবে তার কোন ঠিক নেই। নতুন সরকার তাই কবে দিবে এমন কোন নিউজ এখনো নেই

  60. Police circular kobor.

  61. When the police can tell the probable date of the circular,brother may say?

  62. Bhai bd jail Police job circular er niog ta sthogito hower por ki abar, purno-niog diche bolte paren

  63. Kobe charbe constable circuler

  64. Ai Apri month naki circular hoba????

  65. কবে পুলিশ কনষ্টেবল পদের সার্রকুলার ছাড়বেন।

    My Dear Sir

  66. Tnxx for comcomputar oparetor??

  67. আর কত দিন পরে সারর্কুলার ছাড়বেন?
    আশায় আশায় বসে আছে সবাই।

    1. নিদিষ্ট কোন সময় এখনো অফিসিয়ালি ভাবে আসে নি…… এই বছর এর মাঝামাঝি হতে পারে

  68. 2019 সালের পুলিশ কনস্টেবল পদে চাকরির শিক্ষাগত যোগ্যতা এইচএসসি পাস লাগবে কি? নাকি পরিবর্তন করা হয়নি?

  69. Polis constebol er niyog kobe dibo…janle bolben plz..

  70. police cercular kobe diba vai??

  71. ACCA baia police constable ar circular kove charte pare shothik khobor bolte parben .

  72. Kobe dibe circular???

  73. vai akta bapar bujhlam na si te se din niyog dilo akhono tader training sesh hoy nai,,, si te notun niyog diye dilo but constable a 1.5 bochor dhore niyog dei na,,, akhon pojonto niyog dicce na,,, ata kon dhoroner

  74. bangladesh police constable jobs circular kobe dibe??

  75. police constable carcular 2019…
    ai circular ta April a ki hobe naki…sir

  76. vai abar 50,000 hajar ar neog asba aita ki sotti

    1. false

  77. a ki obostha,,, akhono constable niyog dicce na keno,,,


    sir amar date of bairth 21.11.2ooo ami kiparbo poliec neog dite ar kon month circular hobe plz zanabe

  79. Kon month er dibe vai?

  80. Vai kobe police circular dibe bolte paren? next month bolte bolte bochor e sesh hoye gelo, janale upokritu hotam pls,

  81. ভাই এই মাসে কি পুলিশ কনেষ্টবল এর নিয়োগ আসবে…প্লিজ যদি যানেন ইকটু বলবেন কি ভাই

  82. Vi amr boish 17 Ami ki police constable a hotea parbo

  83. Vi amr boish 17 bossor Ami ki polish constable hotea parbo..plz bolen

    1. yes

  84. Police carcular kobe hobe bolben pls

  85. vai doya kore ektu bolben ze police constable 2019 er job er education qualification ssc naki hsc. suncilam hsc lagbe …kon ta hobe vai???plz plz ektu bolben plz

  86. Assala-Mualaikum.
    Circuler ta khokon dive R koto Dorjo dorbo…
    Ato late korle to ami amar shopno puron korte parbona karon amar akhon 19year 6month hoye gece…
    Please,khokon dibe jodi jante paren tahole janaben.

  87. Ami ebar HSC exam ditechi ami ki banglasesh police e apply korte parbo

  88. Vai kobe circular dibe onek opekkhay achi plzzz ektu janaben

  89. MD Shahed Hossain

    ভাই এই মাসে কি পুলিশ কনেষ্টবল এর নিয়োগ আসবে…প্লিজ যদি যানেন ইকটু বলবেন কি ভাই

  90. vai amar age August month gele 17 hobe.and amar hight 5 feet 5 something inche.
    amai ki police constable a apply korte parbo???

  91. Vai amar boyos 19year5mas 8din jdi 30year par hoy tahole ki ami applykortr parbo vai,,,x

  92. Vai amar boyos 19bosor 11mas 9din,,,,,,jodi 20 bosor par hoye jai tahole ami ki apply korte parbo,,,,,,,,,

  93. Vi constable circular ki ai month e diba

  94. vai koba police ar circuler hoba….?
    Ai year a ki hoba.

  95. Sir amar date of birth 15-12-1999 Ami ki constable apply korte parbo plz bolo sir plz…..

    1. MD Jakir Hossain

      bangladesh police a ki vhabe apply korbo aktu janaben plz?

  96. আমি এবার SSC দিয়েছি ব্যাবসায় শিহ্মা বিভাগ থেকে সেখনে ৩.৭২ পেয়েছি! আমার জন্মঃ মে ৩, ২০০২। আমি এখন পুলিশ কন্সটেবল পদে ঢুকতে চাই! পুলিশ এর সারকুলার কি ছেরে দিয়েছে? আজকে মে মাসের ১৩ তারিখ! কেও যদি জেনে থাকেন তাহলে জানাবেন প্লিজ! আমার ফোনঃঃ ০১৯৭১২৪৬৮৭৩

  97. BGB বর্ডার গার্ড বাংলাদেশ নিয়োগ কবে অাসবে জানাবেন দয়া করে?

  98. jara police a job kore tara sobai pagol mental bcz police job is so aguly r kukurer moto sob jaia

  99. পুলিশের সারকুলার কবে ছারবে

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