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DG Food Exam Date

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Directorate General Of DG Food Exam Date

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Food Security Policy and planning frameworks

Since the World Food Summit of 1996, the Government of Bangladesh has undertaken an in-depth and consultative process of food security policy reform. This has provided the Government with a comprehensive food security policy framework (the National Food Policy) and programming document (the National Food Policy Plan of Action) as well as an investment plan for food security and nutrition (the Bangladesh Country Investment Plan).

Food security-related Policy/Planning Documents:

  • The National Food Policy
  • The National Food Policy Plan of Action
  • The Bangladesh Country Investment Plan
  • Other relevant policy documents

Food Security Institutional Setup

Food security is governed by several institutions in Bangladesh. In order to reflect the multidimensional nature of food security, various sectors and disciplines are represented in these institutions, including agriculture, rural development, women and children affairs, health, finance, commerce, and disaster management. Four main bodies are charged with formulating and implementing food security policies, in particular, the National Food Policy and its associated Plan of Action:

  • Food Planning and Monitoring Committee, a cabinet-level committee that provides overall leadership and oversight in the formulation of food security policies.
  • Food Policy Working Group, an inter-ministerial coordination mechanism that facilitates cross-sectoral participation in the implementation of the National Food Policy and its associated Plan of Action.
  • Food Planning and Monitoring Unit, a Government unit under the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management that acts as a secretariat of the Food Policy Monitoring Committee.
  • Thematic Teams, specialized inter-ministerial bodies led by the Food Planning and Monitoring Unit that focuses on each dimension of food security and facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration.

Food Security Policy Secretariat

The Food Planning and Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management is the Government unit responsible for monitoring the food security situation in Bangladesh and the implementation of related policies. Activities include collecting, storing, and disseminating information for food security analysis and policy formulation, and delivering evidence-based policy advice to the Government on issues relevant to food security – on its own initiative or on-demand by the Government of Bangladesh.

The Unit provides secretarial support to the Food Planning and Monitoring Committee (FPMC) and contributes to other Government committees relevant to food security, such as the Early Warning Technical Committee or the Safety Net Technical Committee. As the lead agency on food security issues in Bangladesh, FPMU is also responsible for enhancing inter-ministerial collaboration for the implementation of the National Food Policy and monitoring its Plan of Action. The agency also has a pivotal role in coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating interventions under the Country Investment Plan.

Activities of FPMU are divided into four directorates, three of which representing one specific dimension of food security (availability, access, and utilization) plus one that facilitates information exchange between FPMU and data providers.

  1. Directorate of Food Availability, dealing with all issues related to the domestic supply component of the availability dimension of food security. It includes two services: (i) domestic production; and (ii) early warning and agricultural sustainability
  2. Directorate of Food Access, dealing with the physical, economic, and social access dimensions of food security. It includes two services: (i) physical and economic access; and (ii) social access
  3. Directorate of Food Utilization, dealing with all issues related to the food utilization dimension of food security. It includes one service on food utilization and nutrition
  4. Directorate of Management, Information, and Communication, dealing with all functions that need to be centralized for the overall operation of FPMU (e.g. cooperation with Development Partners). It includes one service on management, information, and communication.