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Govt High School Question Solution 2024. Govt High School Teachers Exam Question Solve 2024 has given today. The Govt High School Exam was held for 2022 . Many new candidates are searching for the Ministry of Education arranges the Govt High School Exam. We hope it will help to new candidates who are going to give Govt high school Exam. You can primary teacher Result.

Today was held on govt high school MCQ exam. The Exam was held at 10:00 am to 11:00 am in all over in Bangladesh, at this moment I am giving Question solution for govt high school teacher exam question solution by this post.

Govt High School Question Solution 2024

Govt High School preliminary MCQ Exam Question Solve and Answers Published here. Now by this post, we were given this exam question solution and you can collect your answer now.

Govt High School Exam Information:

Total Question 200

Total Time: 2 Hours.

Post name: Assistant Teacher

Total MCQ candidate: 2,35,293

Total Vacancy was: 1375

Exam date: 6 September 2019

Exam time: 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Post Name and Vacancy was:

1. Bengali ( Assistant Teacher): – 365

2. English ( Assistant Teacher):- 106

3. Mathematics ( Assistant Teacher): – 205

4. Social Science ( Assistant Teacher): – 83

5. Physical Sciences ( Assistant Teacher): – 10

6. Biology ( Assistant Teacher):- 118

7. Business Education (Assistant Teacher): – 08

8. Geography ( Assistant Teacher): – 54

9. Fine Arts ( Assistant Teacher): – 92

10. Physical Education (Assistant Teacher):- 93

11. Religion (Assistant Teacher): 172

12. Agricultural education (Assistant Teacher): – 72

Govt High School Question Solution 2019 has given by JPG and PDF  format. Candidates are able to download and check it easily. We are thinking that’ candidates easily read it and take proper preparation to give Govt High School exams. So let’s check the Govt High Question Solution 2019 from below.

Govt High School Question Solution

Question Solution English Part

১)He said, Mr. Kamal “Good Morning”
Ans. He wished mr Kamal good morning.
2) correct sentence
Ans. One of my friends is a lawer.
3) antonym for honorary
Ans. Salaried.
4) may god help you
Ans. Optative sentence.
5) cattle is a
Ans. Collective noun.
6) girl is a
Ans. Common noun.
7) father put—— some money for his daughter
Ans. Aside.
8) vital is a
Ans. Adjective
9) a poem of fourteen lines
Ans. Sonnet
10) nota bene
Ans. For example
11) i knew him passive voice..
Ans. He was known to me.
12) let it be done active form
Ans. Do it.
13) i can not……what u say.
Ans. Make out.
14) the examination——- before i reached the hall
Ans. Had started
15) swimming is a good exercise
Ans. Gerund.
16) i know better
Ans. Adverb.
17) medha was writing a letter
Ans. A letter was being written by Medha.
18) correct sentence
Why have u done this??
19) ecological is related to
Ans. Environment.
20) choose the correct spelling
Ans. Misspell
21) Shakespeare is mostly famous for his
Ans. Plays.
22) the rime of the ancient mariner written by
Ans. S.t. coleridge
23) he is poor but honest
Ans. But is a conjunction.
24) many people of our country live— hand to mouth
Ans. From
25) milk is a—-food
Ans. Nutritious
26) specialist for heart disease
Ans. A cardiologist.
27) it is high time — the place
Ans. Left.
28) dogs bark..horses
Ans. Neigh
few and far between means
Ans. Rarely
30) tertiary
Ans. Third in order.
31) plural number
Ans. Data.
32) singular number
Ans. Phenomenon
33) dear verb
Ans. Endear
34) masculine gender
35) feminine gender
Ans. Bitch
36) at last the beast in him got— upper
Ans. The
37) i saw —beggar
Ans. A one eyed.
38) parent means
Ans. Father and mother.
39) he succeeded by dint— hard labour.
Ans. Of
40) a stitch in time— nine
Ans. Saves.
41) hardly means
Ans. Almost not.
42) correct sentence
Ans. The old man died yesterday.
43) the teacher is popular— his students
Ans. To
44) alexander fleming—+penicilin
Ans. Invented.
45) lunar is related to
Ans. Moon.
46) to read between the lines
Ans. To read carefully to find hidden meaning.
47) inimical antonym..
Ans. Friendly.
48. Related not to street
Ans. Lagoon.
49. Noun form of the word waste
Ans. Wastag

Govt High School Question Solution has been given by the courtesy of We the team member of Question Solution has been given the “HIGH School Question Solve” before. Nevertheless, due to some Database issues, it was deleted. Therefore, after so many requests we have collected the Govt High school Question and published it here.

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