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jsc result link. Are you looking for 2019. JSC results 2019? Do not worry we’re here for you. In this post, we are going to share all the processes with you to get the results of the JSC exam Result 2019 easily We hope that by reading this article carefully, you will be able to collect your results. Several students participate in PSC exams every year. About 32 laks students participated in this year in 2019. jsc result 2019.    The results of the Primary and JSC Education Examination for all Board of Education may be published on December 31, 2019. It was last released on December 24 at 12pm. All the boards of the primary education department announced the main results. Like every time this morning, at 3:00 pm, Bangladesh’s Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni will hand over all the results to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

are looking for the jsc result link, this is the right place for you. With the results of the psc test, present tensions between the parents as well as their relatives and relatives work. Therefore, it is our aim to ensure that the examiners and parents can easily get the result first.»» Through the Board website:  Directorate:–  result  »» Via Mobile Phone SMS: You can see the results of the preliminary test through the message option on your phone. The JSC  <Space> DHA Space Roll and send the 16222 and 16222 return SMS can see the result.

jsc result link

jsc result link

Exam Name: JSC (Junior School Certificate) Exam 2019 Exam Dates: 02/11/2019 to 26/11/2019 JSC Result 2019 Date: 31th December 2019  JSC Scholarship Result 2019 :Date 2nd Week of March 2020

jsc result link Educationboardresult.govbd

In today’s article, we will share all the methods of getting the results of the JSC Exam result 2019 with Mark full sheet. Bangladesh is developing day by day. All educational notices and results are now published on the Internet, from one corner of the world, you can easily collect your results. In this post, we describe two different processes for getting results without harassment. There are two different ways to get “JSC results  2019

Policy has been issued for procuring manpower in the office of the government Junior school through out source. It has been asked to appoint a three-year contract based on government primary school. The eighth grade of the educational qualification of the candidates has been fixed in this position. Must be a permanent resident of the catchment area of ​​the school. The bike needs to be well-mannered and well-mannered. However, hours, weekends and salaries have not been determined. On Tuesday, Zarikar signed the Akram al-Hussein, the secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, on the policy.jsc scholarship 2020, jsc scholarship 2020 pdf, psc result 2019, psc result 2019 dhaka board, psc result 2019, psc results 2019, psc result 2019 bangladesh, psc result 2019 marksheet, dpe result 2019, psc result 2019, psc result and marksheet

JSC result 2019

Jsc result 2019, According to the policy, manpower will be appointed in all the primary schools in the country. A five-member appointment committee will be appointed by the Deputy Commissioner. The District Primary Education Officer shall be the Member Secretary, the concerned Upazila Executive Officer Member, the District Education Officer and the Upazila Education Officer. This committee has been notified as ‘District Board Education Committee’. The committee members shall select the eligible persons.jsc result 2019 dhaka board

Jsc result 2019  marksheet

Jsc result 2019 bangladesh .As a qualification of the candidate, the applicant has to be a permanent resident of Bangladesh Citizenship and the concerned school catchment for appointment to the post of office-bearer. However, if no candidate is found in the catchment area, then the candidate from the surrounding area can be considered. The age limit of the candidate should be from 1 to 5 years. However, it has been 12 years for the children of freedom fighters. The candidate has to be in eighth grade. He has to be a man of good riding ability and well-mannered.psc results 2019

Jsc results 2019

 Jsc result 2019 marksheet. Regarding the recruitment test, it is said that the candidates will take the oral test of number 25. The highest number of people will be selected. A three-year contract-based appointment will be made on the school’s head teacher’s pad. It will be renewed every three years.It is further stated that through outsourcing, the attendees will not be able to take casual or any other leave without public holidays. However, the Upazila Education Officer may be allowed a maximum of seven days per annum, depending on the nature of the accident, illness or any other emergency due to his duty. If someone goes missing for more than 7 days for any reason other than accident, his appointment will be canceled. The necessary legal action will be taken in connection with any allegations of misconduct or immoral activity or criminal charges.DPE Result, EBT Result,, JSC রেজাল্ট ২০১৯ ,

Jsc result 2019 marksheet

Currently, the office of the appointed office-bearers has been agitating for the inclusion of the post of revenue in the revenue sector, fixing working hours according to the law, eliminating pay discrimination and demanding weekly leave. Calling them not to implement their demands, the office was recently stopped. The new policy did not implement the demands of the current office-bearers.Asked about the primary school employee’s welfare association, Sadhan Kant Borai said, “Inhuman torture is being done at the offices of 5,000 officers across the country. Also being present on Eid day. Since the appointment, many have had to work at the headmaster’s house, including cleaning, cleaning toilets, cleaning the garden, officiating. The school guard has to work again at night. We have to pay a fine if stolen in school. PEC Result 2019

jsc result link

Another office-bearer, Helal Uddin, said, “We are not being taken to the revenue sector; we have to work for about 24 hours because of no fixed hours. We do not even have a day off. Due to these reasons, all the office-bearers of the country came together and observed the department’s enclosure program on September 6. We have given the ultimatum for the next one month as the Director General of the Directorate assures us of implementation.

জে এস সি রেজাল্ট ২০১৯

If our demands are not implemented in this period, then we will all start united movement again.The policy, written by ministry secretary Akram Al-Hussein, stated that after the issuance of the policy, all previous policies and orders in this regard would be void. It was also mentioned that it would take effect immediately.Asked about this, Secretary Akram al-Hussein said, “We have sent a letter to the public administration to get the post of office bearers.” It is being processed. The unified policy mentions their duties and responsibilities, including leave. The secretary said they would have no further complaints.JEC Result 2019

Subject or Course of Primary School Certificate (JSC)

  1. Bangla
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Bangladesh and Global Identity
  5. Primary Science
  6. Religion Education
  7. and other

Subject Marks Grade Point Grade : Bangla 83: 5 A+. English: 75 4 A ,Mathematics 95 5 A+, General Science 94 5 A+, Social Science 83 5 A+, Islamic Studies 75 4 A. Marks Within Grade Point Obtain Grade 0 to 32 0.00 F, 33 to 39 1.00, D 40 to 49, 2.00 C, 50 to 59 3.00 B, 60 to 69 3.50 A-, 70 to 79 4.00, A 80 to 100 5.00 A+

Number of Students Appeared in PSC Exam: 26,52,896

  1. Number of Passed Students in PSC Exam: 25,88,904
  2. Overall Pass Percentage: 97.59%
  3. PSC Pass Percentage of Dhaka Board: 98.25%
  4. PSC Pass Percentage of Rajshahi Board: 97.07%
  5. PSC Pass Percentage of Khulna Board: 98.05%
  6. PSC Pass Percentage of Chittagong Board: 98.11%
  7. PSC Pass Percentage of Barisal Board: 97.72%
  8. PSC Pass Percentage of Sylhet Board: 94.76%
  9. PSC Pass Percentage of Rangpur Board: 98.20%
JSC Rescrutiny Process 2019

Primary education authority director is conducting all the procedures for the PSC examination in 2018. They are now publishing their results on the Internet. The official website of the Primary Education Department All results are published on the website. You must follow some of the rules below to collect your results. There is some information about your test.

Junior School Certificate Exam Result 2019

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JSC Results  2019

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Junior School Somaponi Exam Result 2019

The Board of Education is an autonomous government department responsible for the administration of Junior schools of Bangladesh. It is also responsible for training of primary school teachers in various training institutes run by the director. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. [1] Director General Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal Head of Primary Education Department [2]HistoryUnder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the government of Bangladesh nationalized 37 thousand primary schools in 1973 through the Primary Education (Acceptor) Act, 1974. [3] [4] In order to conduct national educational institutions, the Directorate of Primary Education was established in 1981. [4] In 2013, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina nationalized 26 thousand primary schools. [3] Bangladesh has 126,615 primary schools, 540 thousand teachers and 18.6 million students.

Thana Codes for Dhaka Division Dhaka Board psc result 2019, Thana Codes for Rajshahi Division: Rajshahi Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Khulna Division Jessore Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Chittagong Division Chittagong board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Comilla Division Comilla Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Barisal Division Barisal Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Sylhet Division Sylhet Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Rangpur Division Rangpur Board psc result 2019 Thana Codes for Rangpur Division Dinajpur Board psc result 2019

JSC Exam Result 2019 for ALL Board

  •  To get the result, you can get your result by visiting the website
  • Now you can collect JSC Result online at home in Digital Bangladesh. To collect the JSC Result, you must first visit the official website of the Board. We are writing the site address for your convenience
  • You must first visit on this website. You can get your results by giving the exam name, year, division, district upazila / police station and roll number.

JSC School Result by SMS:
Option-1: JSC<space> roll spage board  passing year and Send to 16222
Example: JSC DHA 24953 2019 and send the sms to 16222

jdc Result by Mobile:
jdc<space> roll  and Send to 16222
Example: JDC 74536 and send SMS to 16222
Students could not get mark sheet by SMS

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Scholarship Result 2020

Let us now,  conclude with the result of the scholarship concluding the primary and secondary education. Within a few months of publishing the test results, the results of the scholarship are usually published. So since the results were already released in December. Therefore, closing scholarships for elementary and paid education may be published in March or April. The result of the PSC scholarship was published on April 7 last year. Primary School Certificate (JSC) Scholarship Result 2019. PSC Scholarship Result 2019

JSC Scholarship Result 2020

This scholarship is usually given at Talentpool and general quota based on the Education Examination (PSC) examination. Upon completing primary education in 28, Talentpool received 3,000 scholarships and 5,700 students got scholarships in general quota.Last year, there were seven forty-nine hundred eighty-eight scholarships in each of the total seven thousand nine hundred eighty-eight unions or municipal wards (of course three students and three students), and the remaining one thousand five hundred and seventy-nine scholarships from each upazila or police station. Of course, on a merit basis, one student and one student and one upazila) in the five hundred and ten upazilas or one thousand five hundred in the police station. Isati general scholarship has been awarded. As a whole, the total number of scholarship students was sixty thousand five hundred.

Junior School Certificate Scholarship Result 2020

What is the number of primary education scholarship.PSCs are generally divided into two parts. It is a talent scholarship and a general scholarship. In the PSC exam, those who get 5 to 5 percent marks in all subjects will get a Talentpool or merit scholarship and those who get 5 to 5 percent marks are expected to get general scholarship.Generally, students with Talanpool scholarship or merit scholarship will get a total of Tk 30000 a year with free tuition and three thousand six hundred per annum with general scholarship, and Tupel two hundred twenty five hundred per annum with Tk. The duration of this scholarship will be from January 2019 to 2021

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Rescrutiny Process Result 2020

JSC Rescrutiny results 2019: Usually after publishing the result of the PSC or HBD exam, if a student feels that he has not got the desired result, he can challenge the account. Often the results apply for revision, which is published in the form of revised results. JSC Result 2020 Rescrutiny 

JSC Result 2020 Rescrutiny process

Many will want to review the results of the primary and secondary education closing exam. The procedure for reviewing PSC results is summarized below.The results of the primary and secondary education exams for the 27th December are 20 December. The deadline for the re-examination application deadline was given on January 5, for the results of the primary and paid education. Therefore, after the release of the result, the applicant has to apply for the re-examination of the answer sheet within the due date. And the application fee for PSC Result Review or Board Challenge fee is to be paid for each subject through Teletalk SIM.

PSC result 2020 Rescrutiny Result 2020

First of all, be aware that only JSC result review application can be made through Teletalk Pre-paid SIM. To apply, the first thing you need to do is go to the message option on your mobile and type in the DPRSC capital letter and then enter a space with Student ID and one more space to apply for the Code No. Enter Then send 1222 to this number.

Example: Enter DPRSC 1120176030802689 111 and send to 16222.

If you want to challenge multiple account accounts, write the code of one topic after the comma and write another topic code.

Example: DPRSC 1120176030802688 111, 113, 115 and send to 16222.

A PIN number will be provided in return message stating how much money will be deducted for the application. If you agree to the application, go to the message option and type_

Enter DPRSC <space> YES <space> PIN No <space> Contact No to 16222.

JSC  Result 2019

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JSC Results  2019

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JSC result 2019

Primary education is in the closing and equivalent examinations and GPA 5 does not exist. From this examination, the results will be published in GPA 4 from now on. However, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Education to decide on what kind of grade format will be. Earlier, in the junior school certificate (JSC), SSC and HSC examination GPA-5 instead of GPA-4, the government took initiative for grade formation.Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Akram-al-Hussein said, “The grade structure that is currently in the primary education closing examination is in line with the grade structure of the education ministry. We have heard that they are working on grade formations. As soon as they decide on this, we will change our grade formation by forming the committee. Because the same student can not get another type of grade in the PET and another type in the JSC. In accordance with the design of the Ministry of Education, the grade of PEC will be arranged.After the extinction of GPA-5, the new grade format will be as follows

JSC Result 2019-All Education Board Result

JSC Result 2019-All Education Board Result,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Rajshahi Board,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Barisal Board,PSC Exam Result 2019 for Khulna Board,PSC Exam Result 2019 for Sylhet Board,PSC Exam Result 2019 for Chittagong Board,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Dhaka Board,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Barisal Board,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Rangpur Board,JSC Exam Result 2019 for Maymenshing Board,Ebtedayee Result 2019 for Madrasah Board,primary School Certificate (JSC) Scholarship Result 2019,Primary School Certificate (JSC) Rescrutiny Process Result 2019 .Meanwhile, after the inter-education coordination committee meeting with the Education Minister, the work has been started to finalize results in GPA-5 instead of GPA-5 in the public examination.

JSC Exam Result 2019

In the meantime, some of the proposals are under scrutiny. The GPA 4 has been done much like the public university. However, pass number 40 in the public university but the number 33 has been kept in the public examination. In addition, the number obtained in the public university from 80 to 100 is given GPA-4. But in the public examination it is broken down to two grades. The reason being that many people got a number of above 90s in SSC and HSC exams. Now those who get 80 and those who get 90, everyone gets the same grade, then the evaluation is not appropriate. JSC result 2019

JSC Exam Result 2019

In a proposed method, between 90 and 100, the number is named as ‘Excellent’ letter grade, whose grade point will be ‘GPA-4’. And the 80 to 89 number has been kept in ‘A plus’ grade, whose grade point will be ‘GPA-3.85’. Then change the letter grade based on the number 5. If you get 75 to 79, the letter grade ‘A’ and grade point GPA -3.75; Letter grade ‘A-minus’ and grade point -3.50 for 70 to 74; Letter grade ‘b plus’ and grade point -3.25 of 65 to 69; Letter grade ‘b’ and grade point -3.00; Letter grade ‘B minus’ and grade point-2.75 of 55 to 59; Letter grade ‘C plus’ and grade point-2.50 of 50 to 54; Letter grade ‘D’ and grade point -2.5 of 45 to 49; Letter grade “De minus” and grade point-2 of 40 to 44; Letter grade ‘E’ and grade point -175 from 35 to 39; Letter grade ‘E minus’ of 33 to 34 and grade point is -1.50. And from zero to 32, the letter grade ‘F’, which has been interpreted as FIL. However, there are some differences between ‘Accelent grade’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ grade on other proposals. JSC result 2019

President of Inter Education Board and chairman of Dhaka Education Board Prof. Mu. Ziaul Haque said, “We are working on four or five methods. Keeping in line with the international education system, keeping in mind the fact that grade formation is logical. By the end of this week or the next week, our proposed method will be submitted to the Education Ministry. From the next JSC exam, we want to publish results in the new grade format. “


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