Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020 EPS TOPIK Korea Lottery

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020. When will be published this Lottery Result same time we will be upload this pdf result here. By this circular will be taken 8000 Number of Bangladeshi. How to  Check your result? You can check your Result here. Korean Lottery for Bangladesh. Jobs In South Korea lottery Publish EPS TOPIK Korea lottery in Bangladesh is a recruitment process by HRD Korea to invite skilled workers from 16 different countries in the world. from the year of 2008, Bangladesh government signed an agreement with South Korea government to send the skilled worker to South Korea via BOESL BD and HRD Korea. Korea Lottery Result 2020 when will publish the same time you can check your result here.

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020

This year 8000 number of people will be taken form this circular. Who is a lucky man can qualify this lottery Online apply time is over now 19th March will be published Korea Lottery Result 2020. Candidate can check his/her result by this page. When will be published this result the same time you can check your Number by this post.

Download Korean Lottery full pdf result

  • South Korea Circular published: 5th March 2019 (Next Circular Notice Coming Soon)
  • Date of Online Korea Registration: 11 To 12 March 2019
  • Korea Lottery Result 2019 Published: 19th March 2019
  • salary: 130,000+BDT

Who can be apply Korea Lottery for Bangladesh 2020

  • Candidates must be between 18 and 39 years of age
  • A person who never had a prison sentence or more punishable in life
  • The Bangladesh government has no restrictions on those who travel abroad
  • Earlier South Korea did not live illegally or was not sent back from Korea
  • In the case of South Korea earlier, there is no fines or penalties for any kind of prison
  • Previously, South Korea did not have more than five years in the visa.

The result will be published on March 2020 here.

Korean Lottery Result 2019 pdf can be here. Korea Lottery for Bangladesh 2020. You can find the South Korean full registration process from here. to make your online registration process easier and hessel free, Planet Bangla provide you the BOESL Notice board all update as early as published any notice from BOESL website WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD

The South Korean Governments authorized official Agency HRD Korea and Bangladesh governments authorized official Agency BOESL BD is taking care of the full process of Korea lottery in Bangladesh. so never try to found any other agency to take extra advantage to go to South Korea under South Korea work visa.

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020

Korean Lottery Result

Korean Lottery Bangladesh 2020

Korean Lottery Result 2020


After the registration will be held on March 2020, the draw of Korea Lottery 2020 was held on 11th March to 12th March 2019  and the BOESL Result 2019 published on BOESL’s website WWW.BOESL.ORG.BD. Also from last year candidate selection process has been changed by Recruitment Point System.

In the new method, the final candidates will be selected by adding scores of the first round of language test and second round of skill and competency test. After getting the BOESL Lottery result.

Recruitment point system is not only the skills in Korean language but also the physical fitness (color blindness, color conception will not be passed on after the examination, dislocation of the fingers, cutting fingers, etc.) cannot be examined due to the ability to work in physical problems, technological skills, competence And recruitment to the overall evaluation of experience etc. Stem.

It is to be noted that for the official process to go to South Korea, costing only 80 thousand takas, the government of South Korean EPS visa has gained popularity in 16 countries around the world. Every year a certain number of people from those 16 countries go to Korea by Korean work visas.

Candidates will have to submit their educational qualifications and work experience certificate for the newly added competitiveness test.

Finally, on last March 5, 2019, millions of desired South Korea Lottery Registration. In the EPS Topic registration, Bangladesh participated 144756 (one lakh forty thousand seven hundred people), out of which 8400 people were elected through a lottery.

On March 6, 2018, a list of 12,000 people, including the lucky 8400 people and 3600 of the waiting list has been published. Winners of the Korea Lottery 2018, these 8400 people will be able to take part in the EPS Topic Language Test. EPS Topic started on March 8th, the final registration ended on March 24, 2018.

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020

EPS HRD Korea has announced the date of the test for the winner of the Korea Lottery 2019 and the subsequent registration of 8392 candidates. The examination was held After the end of Reg. At the time of the declared examination, according to the order of receipt number, the first 240 will be held on April 9.

And by the gradual progress of 8392 people will be tested till 29th June. Those who have completed the final registration of this year will be able to see your EPS test date at EPS HRD Korean web site eps.hrdkorea.or.kr.

You can also see your Korea Lottery 2019 language test date announcement with your receipt number in the search box directly from the link below.

The Korea Lottery Result are published on BOESL’s web site. Click to download results >> www.boesl.org.bd

Greetings for waiting list candidates

Of the waiting list candidates, the date of registration of candidates for serial no. 1046 to 11704 was announced on March 19th. After the completion of the quota of 8400 people, the dates of the registration of candidates for the next serial no. 11705 to 12000 were announced on March 21, at 10 in the morning. Take a look at more details from BOESL’s notice. Click here to download notice

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020

○ Sorting Process: ① First round test (EPS-TOPIK) → ② Second round test (Skel test + Competition Test) → ③ Add score

○ Final Selection: The final score obtained in both rounds is based on the high number of final scores

Good news for those who went to South Korea before getting a Korea Lottery and returning to the country within the prescribed time frame. The date of registration of Korea Lottery Special CBT 2020 will be announced very soon.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in the Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Public and Foreign Employment of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, special Korean language competency examinations will be held in the CBT system.

Only those who have gone to Korea in the Korea Lottery work on a previous visa and who have successfully left Korea for a period of time, who can take part in this examination. Also see the South Kore BOESL result 2020 and the next steps for the purpose of going to work in South Korea in 2019, in this link.

Spacial CTB Korea Registration 2020

Korea Lottery Result of 2020. On the special CBT registration phase, the special facility or registration fee is free and the list of candidates receiving the additional points is published on the BOESL website.

At the time of special CBT registration of specified workers, HRD Korea will submit the prescribed original certificate by submitting the prescribed form and submit two copies photocopies to the BOESL office.

Besides, the United Arab Emirates will take part in 19 categories. See more about this link in this link.
Special CBT Korea Lottery 2012 registration fee Free staff list

Special EPS Topic CTB Notice 2020

The Korea Lottery Special EPS Topic CBT Notification2018 has been announced on 21st March 2018.

According to the notification, the date of registration of the April 2, April, the date of the person-based examination will be announced on April 23, the date of the examination is April 30, the results of the examination will be announced on May 25.

Those born between April 5, 1978, and April 4, 2000, will be able to take part in the special EPS Topic Cb last year.

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2020 over

 Now will be published Korea Lottery Result 2020 With this special CBT exam, the opportunity to earn a million or more month in Korea is only for those who have previously returned from Korea in a specific time. The special CBT-2018 registration began on April 2 and till 5 April.

A total of 5294 candidates will be able to register for 4 days and the names of the winning candidates will be announced on the next 25th May 2019. You can see more details on BOESL website and Korea Lottery Special CBT 2020 notice from Korean embassy Dhaka.

Updated: November 14, 2019 — 9:15 pm

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