School And College MPO List 2020 New MPO List

School And College New MPO List 2020. Monthly Pay Order (MPO) List publish today. Bangladesh Education Ministry DR.Dipumoni declared this notice. New list of 2,730 educational institutions qualified for MPO published as a result, Bangladesh’s most popular website Found this notice by this post. Many Teachers want to know will be published Monthly Pay Order (MPO) list Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will unveil the updated list of monthly pay order (MPO) institutions today. You can also download the 17th NTRCA Circular.

School And College MPO List 2020

School And College New MPO  List Publish Today. Now given below MPO List 2020 School And College New MPO List 2020. Bangladesh is the government’s share in the payroll of non-government educational institutions. Under the scheme, the government gives 100 percent basic salaries to the teachers of non-government schools. The teachers also get a small amount a month, as allowances, through the scheme.

New MPO List 2019

School And College MPO List 2019 New MPO List 2019

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Dipu Moni said: “We have already sent the updated list to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and she [Sheikh Hasina] has already signed it. So, it is final now; listed institutions will get MPO facilities.”

The minister mentioned that previously, 1,600 institutions were included in the MPO list.

“We made the list under the 2008 regulation, where several institutions applied for the inclusion into the MPO facilities in phases this year,” Dipu Moni added.

The minister also said that they have given priority to the institutions in remote areas.

She informed: “This is a continuous process; therefore, every year we will enlist more eligible institutions.”

The education minister said the MPO affiliated institution must follow proper standard, otherwise the institutions’ MPO facilities may even get revoked.

She also said that the monitoring system will be more robust to bring back the discipline in the education system and increase the standard of education.

Earlier, on March 23, thousands of teachers and employees of non-MPO educational institutions have been continuing to demonstrate to press home their demands to enlist them in the MPO list in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka.