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Bangladesh Post Postal Operator Exam Result 2024 published. Firstly check now. Bangladesh most important Sector Post Office job MCQ result students can be download by this page. Who wants to check their written result you visit the right place. Because Post Job Circular and online apply all information we given by this page. Now we take preparation to published Post Office Result 2020. When will be published Post Office Result Related any updated information same time we were given this updated information by this page. Not only Our website but also we publish Post Office Exam results in our groups and download your necessary information.

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Requirement Notice Of Bangladesh Post Office job circular published. Bangladesh Department of Post Office job circular 2020  more new post will be published here. Maximum, people want to like to work in the government sector. This job circular has been created a huge opportunity, unemployed people. It’s an attractive jobs circular of Bangladeshi unemployed people. Bangladesh Post Office department job circular 2020 related all information, you can visit our website that our page. Now we are giving Below all important information about these jobs.

Bangladesh Postal Department (Post Master General) Central Circle, Dhaka.

Question solution of Post Office Job Old exam.

Mail Operator English Question

36. Which of the following word can be used as a verb- Master
37. I will phone you when I —-the news. get
38. I——- to his house yesterday but could not meet- went
39. The correct passive form of “I know him” is– He known to me.
40. The correct passive form of “Open the window” is- Let the window be opened
41. The meaning of “starch” is- put an end to
42. The synonym of “delude” is- deceive
43. The meaning of “soft soap” is– flattery for self motives
44. The meaning of “White elephant” is–a very costly and troublesome possession
45. Translate into English “কেটলিতে পানি টগবগ করছে”–The water is simmering in the kettle.
46. Translate into English “আমি এটা না করে পারলাম না”- I could not help doing it
47. The passive form of “Do you know him”- is–Is he known to you?
48. Change the speech ” what do you want?” She asked him—She asked him what he wanted.
49. The noun of the word believe is– the belief
50. The passive form of “You are to color this picture “ is– The picture is to be colored by you.
51. Modern farms are much larger than — of former times. that
52. The prefix “poly” in word “ polygamy” expressed in the sense- Many
53. The prefix “mis” can be added to–Misfir

English Option Question Solve Postal Oprator

  • The plural form of Oasis is -Oases
  • had a talk with him. Here “talk” is a-Noun
  • The noun form of the word “urgent “is- Urgency
  • Which sentence is correct- The train is running on time
  • The verb of success is- succeed
  • Change the narration: I said, “Do it”- I ordered to do it.
  • The prefix “pre” can be added to- Preheat
  • The prefix “mis” can be added to- Misfire
  • He has no control— himself- Over
  • The police are looking — the case. Into
  • The correct sentence in passive voice of “karim told Rahim to give up smoking “is- Karim requested Rahim to give up smoking
  • The correct sentence is passive voice of “Do you know him” is- Is he known to you?
  • Change the voice “The house is building” — The house is being built.
  • Change the voice “One should read only what one likes” — What one likes should be read-only.
  • Translate into English” (sr em.rif*Iti arrar fii tsbe- He died of Cholera
  • Translate into English toict.grprttirritreircgirm.rii — The girl entered the room laughing
  • Change the narration- The teacher says “Rose smells sweet” Ans: The teacher says that rose smells sweet
  • Change the narration- John said to me “Do you know where he is”? Ans: John asked me if I knew where he was.

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