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Step Into Summer Reading Teacher Suggestion  Every year our school district assigns summer reading, and every year it’s a struggle to get my children to read the books and remember them for the exams they always have during the first week of school. I’d like to try something different this year, but I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any ideas?”

Many middle and high schools provide students with a list of books to choose from which may or may not include one mandatory selection. Have your children read the descriptions for each of the books and choose the one they’re most interested in. If they complain that none interest them, try the old, “You choose one or I’ll choose one foryou” tactic. That tends to work more often than not in our household! Then, get two copies from the bookstore or library and read the book with them. I know this can get a little hairy of you have more than one student, but the discussions you’ll be able to have about the books will make it all worthwhile.

Step Into Summer Reading Teacher Suggestion

Step Into Summer Reading Teacher Suggestion

Some students find it helpful to take notes in the margins (if you’ve bought the book) and many use reading journals to help them remember what they’ve read. You might want to ask your kids to summarize each chapter with a prompt similar to this: “In this chapter the main character …. The other characters involved were… I should remember this chapter… Next, I think the character might…” If you’re reading the book along with your child, you can do this as well and compare notes, or read a chapter ahead and give your child prompts that might relate to the story.

If your books have some kind of social or historical context (as many summer reading books do), try visiting a local museum that has exhibit from that time period to make the literature a little more relevant. You can find newspaper articles or magazines form the time period or country and give your children context that way. You can also watch documentaries or TV shows relating to the main topic of the book that may help pique your child’s interest.

For more suggestions on questions to ask or help with building reading skills, feel free to email me!

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